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Terms and Conditions

Your use (browsing) of the McDel Gifts & Gear Co. website you are on constitutes agreement to these conditions. You also consent to any additional terms and conditions listed or referenced in connection with any account, membership, ordering, or subscription services for which you register.

Privacy and Security

McDel Gifts & Gear Co. is committed to securely maintaining your privacy regarding your personal information and your ordering information!  Financial information is requested only on pages utilizing SSL technology in order to provide secure, encrypted transactions between your web browser and our web sites.   Issued by Sectigo Limited and/or cPanel Inc., our SSL Certificates utilize 2,048 bits key encryption as well as allowing you to verify that you are indeed doing business with McDel.  Instant online verification is available on any https:// page by clicking on the padlock in the address bar of your browser window. 

McDel Gifts & Gear Co. maintains rigorous standards to safeguard your information, and to maintain PCI-DSS validation compliance. McDel meets all PCI data security requirements, including extensive, ongoing website vulnerability testing by This can be verified by clicking on the "PCI DSS Validated" and "Credit Card Safe" buttons at the bottom of every page in the shopping cart.  PCI-DSS certification is completed annually.

McDel Gifts & Gear Co. is an verified merchant; we utilize their services for payment processing. "Authorize.Net is committed to providing its merchant customers with the highest level of transaction processing security, safeguarding customer information and combating fraud." Instant online verification is available by clicking on the " Verified Merchant" seal/button at the bottom of all shopping pages.

McDel Gifts & Gear Co. WILL NOT SELL, LEASE, SHARE, OR TRADE ANY CUSTOMER or USER INFORMATION with ANY OUTSIDE COMPANIES, INDIVIDUALS, ORGANIZATIONS, OR ENTITIES - telemarketing or otherwise - unless required to disclose to our affiliates and/or suppliers in order to provide services or products that you have requested or as ordered by law. McDel Publishing does use 3rd-party software/platform suppliers to provide client websites and services.

In order to provide various services, McDel Gifts & Gear Co. & McDel Publishing collect and retain e-mail addresses and other information submitted by users.  Personal information is required only when ordering, registering for, or requesting services, subscriptions, memberships, requests for more information, or in the case of an author or artist submitting his work.  All personal information collected and stored online in secure databases is closely monitored; however, McDel Gifts & Gear Co. & McDel Publishing cannot and will not be liable for any third-party criminal conduct, resulting in the unauthorized release of information. Financial data is retained at least as long as required to meet GAAP and IRS standards. Access to physical copies such as printed invoices or shipping lists, off-site back-up copies and off-line databases are controlled internally, with special care given to comply with federal requirements. Physical records and databases are purged periodically to remove inactive users or customers.  

Personal information that may be required and collected includes email address, name, shipping and/or billing addresses, phone number(s), fax number(s), company, preferred method of contact, and position. Additional personal information may be requested in and collected from various forms you submit. All financial information is transmitted via secure servers.  Financial information that may be required and collected includes payment information, including bank account and/or credit card, and/or debit card account information, as well as the personal information associated with it, including billing and shipping names, addresses, card verification numbers, and phone numbers. When paying by credit or debit card, your billing address must match the billing address for that statement.

For security reasons, to personalize browsing experiences, to control access to private areas, and in order to improve our websites, cookies may be placed on your computer to retain information as a convenience to you. For your protection, cookies also record computer system information specific to your computer such as operating system, IP address you are connecting from, and the browsing software you use.

Any submissions via online blogs, galleries, chat windows, forms or forums may be kept indefinitely and used or deleted by McDel Gifts & Gear Co. for any reason at any time. By posting through any of these means, you are specifically stating that you are not infringing on anyone else's copyright, and that you have full right to use and grant unrestricted permission of anything that you submit. Furthermore, you grant McDel Gifts & Gear Co. full right and permission to use any part or all of any or all of your submissions in any way or means or mediums they wish, royalty-free, without any compensation.
Authors or Artists submitting their copyrighted work specifically for publication will receive a separate agreement which details terms, conditions, ownership, and rights.
Online classes and on-site events may be recorded, replayed, and/or repurposed in whole or in part. All recordings are the property of McDel Gifts & Gear Co. and may be used in any manner they see fit, including for marketing purposes.

McDel Gifts & Gear Co. & McDel Publishing practice and embrace the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule, established by the Federal Trade Commission, which "prohibits unfair or deceptive acts or practices in connection with the collection, use, or disclosure of personally identifiable information from and about children under 13 on the internet."  Registration for most services requires users to verify that they are over 13. If they aren't, a parent notification is sent and required to be returned before the child's account is activated. We cannot be responsible for false submissions; however all content on all sites published by McDel Gifts & Gear Co. & McDel Publishing is considered "appropriate" for a family audience.

Information contained on websites owned by McDel Gifts & Gear Co. detail the product and service offerings that we provide as a small business. Specific sections of any or all sites may have more detailed terms and conditions. Information contained on any other websites listed or linked to is for entertainment and enjoyment.  We do not provide any warranties nor assume any liability from your use of any of our websites or affiliates' websites.  We have no control of the content, nor assume any liability, of any web pages not published by McDel Publishing. 

Data Deletion Instructions

To request deletion of personal data connected to your use of any website owned by McDel Publishing, send an email to webstir -at- with your full name and any email addresses used on the site. Include "data deletion request" in the subject line.

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