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Love Matters, Doesn't It?

Thank you for your interest in Love and People! We like that free speech deal here in the US, but we also wish to promote thought-provoking, positive content. All submissions are filtered before posting to the site in order to maintain a site that is free from violence and profanity. Please be aware that any or all submissions may be rejected or published without further notice.

Love Matters, Doesn't It?McDel Publishing is currently accepting submissions for website content - art and articles! Any works selected will credit the artist and/or author and may be linked to their sites.** and are free services devoted to LOVE! Any and all aspects! is a free service designed to enrich women's lives. is a free service devoted to enriching men's.

Author/Artist's Submissions

Please include a written description of what you would like to submit. Upon proof of valid email address, you will receive instructions to submit your art, article, or manuscript electronically. Thank you.

  • Anecdotes - Share what's funny or inspirational in your world! One piece per form/submission. Please include name to whom the work should be attributed!
  • Motivational Quotes & Jokes** - Please include name to whom the work should be attributed!
  • Poetry - Express Yourself - limit one poem per form/submission - original, non-published material only.
  • Articles/Essays/Short Stories- Fiction or Fact -but tell us which it is! Exemplify a passion for the topic!
  • Artwork- Full color or not! Line art, illustrations, or photography! Photos of watercolors, paintings, sculptures or any other art will also be considered. Model permission must be included with any photographs that include people.


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